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Febe Elizabeth Zeralde Sy , a strong and independent woman , a woman who control everything using her charm , skills and intelligence. At the early age of 10 she already killed almost the whole population of their enemies armies , reason why she's now leading their own battalion, she lead their own arm of forces. She has her own army and organization in and outside their island which people doesn't know .

Everyone is having an insecurities towards her as they thought she'd living her life perfectly , she's living being afraid by the people , she's living free and safe . They thought that she's lucky in her life but little did they know she's living in hell .

She's been a victim of child abuse by her own step-mother . She's been in pain as her own father abandon her as he thought that she'd be ok living with his new partner in life . She's been seeking for love and attention . She was being betrayed by the people she only choose to give love and and trust .

She knew it all , the plans and the betrayal but she remain silent . She played it well . She let everything including herself fall down .

And as a new life she had started she met people , people she doesn't want to be part of her life . She met someone .

Will she be able to be save ?
Will she be able to be feel love ?
Will she be able to survive ?
Will she be able to comeback ?


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Chapter 2 : I Am Free

Wearing this blue t shirt and pants , a white badge means never try to escape on my shirt pocket and of course with my black sleepers .

There are more cells in here , commonly people used to call it jail but we called it Detention Center . It consist Bartillon , Center Cell , Doom Cell , Exert Cell and the Cell .


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