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All About Even After Death Novel Olivia Read Online

Ethan becomes entangled in a complex relationship with Olivia while harboring resentment towards his first love, Marina Carlton. Olivia receives a stomach cancer diagnosis at the same time as Ethan starts seeing Marina. The tension in their already shaky relationship is increased by these incidents, which climax in a startling confrontation and a desperate move by Olivia in even after death.

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Part 1: The Main Story of Even After Death

even after death unhappy couple

Even after death novel depicts Olivia and her crumbled marriage. The ten-year opus he wrote with his first love, Marina, was far greater than the three years she had spent with the bastard. Olivia gets diagnosed with stomach cancer on the day that this news causes a disruption in her life. Olivia ought to respond far more strongly and strive harder to survive. However, the opposite is true.

Olivia is willing to do whatever it takes to see her loved one alive again, even though she knows she is going to die. Olivia searches desperately for a way to cover her father’s medical expenses. Her spouse was a nice solution, though. Olivia made the decision to grant him the divorce he desired in order to receive the settlement payment. What on earth was she clinging onto that for, in the end? Someone else had always had his heart.

Naturally, Ethan is not there for Olivia when she needs him. Olivia was only a minor, easily forgotten afterthought to him; their babies and Marina came first. In the meantime, Olivia, never one to put on a show, quietly arranges her own exit, writing the divorce decree that reverberates through the stillness of their failing relationship.

Ethan’s alleged love for Olivia is a lie; she is really a pawn in a bigger scheme stemming from his former life, which included his sister. The shocking truth is given in a detached manner while Olivia fights her illness. Olivia is thrown into a void by him, where the value of family ties is measured in pain. Olivia experiences more betrayals from life while she battles illness.

Part 2: Main Characters of Even After Death


Even after death damsel

Olivia shows her fortitude in the midst of life’s daily struggles. She is unwavering despite difficult circumstances and won’t be a pawn in Ethan’s attempts for retaliation. She possesses a quiet persistence and refuses to let the consequences of his actions break her.

Her hushed footsteps are a constant reminder of the loss of her pregnancy, a wound too profound to express. It’s an ache that follows her around, an unwanted guest in her mind. She fights the weight of this invisible scar by wearing it with grace.


Even after death her man

Ethan agrees to his wife’s terms. He loved and loathed her altogether, yet he didn’t want to disclose the reason for his hatred towards Olivia. On the verge of death due to her cancer, the girl needed to know the reason behind Ethan’s disdain, thus she hired a private detective to look into the matter.

Part 3: Free Chapters of Even After Death

Chapter 2 of Even After Death

Even after death lady in a room

Olivia stood alone in the bathroom in chapter 2 of even after death. When she opened the door, a warmly furnished children’s room lay before her. She pressed a button lightly, and mellow music from a music box filled the room. God must have decided to take her life because she had failed to save her baby’s. She felt it was all her fault. She failed to protect her baby.

After losing her baby, her mental health had deteriorated. Olivia was like a pretty flower slowly wilting away. She gazed out into the night, thinking as long as she could leave her father that sum of money, then she could go and be with her baby.

Before dawn the next morning, Olivia was already fully dressed as she looked down at her own smiling face in the photo they’d taken outside the City Hall after they registered their marriage.

She prepared a breakfast that was good for the stomach. Although she didn’t have much time left to live, she wanted to live longer to take care of her father. As Olivia was about to leave the house, she received a call from the hospital, her Dad had a heart attack. He was already sent into the emergency ward.

Even after death Dad sick

Olivia rushed to the hospital, but the surgery was still ongoing. She waited outside the operating theater with her hands clasped in chapter 2 of even after death. She had already lost everything. Her only hope was for her father to live on in good health.

A nurse handed her a receipt of the total bill for her father’s emergency treatment and surgery. Olivia scanned through the details and found that the total bill amounted to more than 100 thousand. Jeff’s daily treatment expenses already cost 50 thousand dollars per month, and she only barely managed to make ends meet by working three jobs.

After paying off his hospitalization fees earlier, she only had five thousand dollars left in her card. How was she going to afford his surgery? She had no choice but to call Ethan. To her there’s no point to a marriage like this, so she was getting this divorce willingly. She couldn’t make it because her father had a heart attack and had to undergo surgery.

Ethan asked if he was dead. It sounded weird to Olivia. She wanted to let Ethan know how much the surgery cost and if he can give her the ten million. Ethan have caused their bankruptcy, but how had her family offended him?

Chapter 3 of Even After Death

Even after death ring my foot

Everyone knew that Ethan treated her like the most precious treasure, but they did not know that Olivia was his legally married wife in chapter 3 of even after death. Olivia felt more and more convinced that her marriage with Ethan was nothing but a scheme. While they were fighting, the ring flew out of the box in a graceful arc and fell to the floor with a soft clink. Olivia immediately rushed toward it, but the ring rolled to a stop by a pair of elegant leather shoes by the door.

When Olivia bent down to pick it up, a drop of water dripped onto the back of her neck and sent chills through her. She looked up slowly into a pair of cold, emotionless eyes. Ethan was still holding an open umbrella, and droplets of water dripped from it onto her head.

Olivia stared at him blankly and recalled the first time she had seen him. 20-year-old Ethan had been wearing a white shirt as he stood on the sunbathed field, but it was as if he had been standing right inside her heart. That image was branded in her mind ever since she was fourteen.

Chapter 5 of Even After Death

Even after death sobbing lady

Olivia asked a direct second inquiry while maintaining a steadfast stare. Perhaps overanalyzing the matter, she pondered Marina’s twins’ paternity in chapter 5 of even after death. When Olivia heard his admission, she didn’t face him straight; instead, she went up to him and told him how much she hated him. His answer was as usual noncommittal, catching her wrist with ease and dabbing the tears from her cheeks while enquiring as to whether it hurt.

Olivia was sobbing and wanted to know more about her family’s supposed transgressions. Unfazed, Ethan proposed to find out from her father about their shared past. When she asked him how he felt about her, he only admitted coldly that love never played a role and that she had always been a pawn.

As her tears fell, carrying away any lingering warmth, Olivia confronted him about the apparent hatred. Ethan, with a disdainful look, attributed it to her family’s debt, linking her to the actions of her father. His revelations unfolded with a cruel declaration, tying her suffering to the supposed torment his sister endured.

Ethan, unmoved by Olivia’s pleas, calmly stated his plan to meet at City Hall the next day. Attempting to extract more information, Olivia rushed to his car, pounding on the door. However, the driver abruptly sped away, leaving her crumpled on the ground.

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Even after death city girl

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