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Read Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad Novel Review Online

Fay Thompson might be a certified psychologist. Yet, “love” is something she is weak in.

Fay believes in the idea of one true love so much that she is unaware of her long-term boyfriend’s hidden gayness. Then, she falls for the ex-boyfriend’s father while the chief warden assigned her to give psychological assessments.

Since then, Fay has been in the state of “Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad”. What will happen next?

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Part 1: The Main Story Of Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad Novel

Fall For My Ex's Mafia Dad Novel

Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad novel’s opening is mainly about Fay Thompson’s indulgence in her Prince Charming imagination. Who cares if her best friends were skeptical of her constant daydreams of her ideal boyfriend?

After all, it is how this 23-year-old psychologist feels. She has a near-to-perfect relationship with Daniel Lippert. The two lovebirds have dated each other for a couple of months, and Daniel’s thoughtful and attentive personalities match Fay’s psychologist work so well.

In addition to his almost flawless personality, Daniel of Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad is also a handsome and charming man. He also can purchase a diamond watch and a bodyguard like average people would snack on in shopping malls.

Unfortunately, Colin, the man whom Daniel refers to as “my bodyguard”, is Daniel’s gay partner. Daniel has done a quite satisfactory job in fooling Fay around with his sexuality. The disgusted Fay then declares she is no longer interested in seeing Daniel as she proceeds to continue with her psychological assessment job.

This time, Fay’s job is to assess Kent Lippert, the city’s most feared Mafia King. Kent’s friendship with the chief warden lets him have far more convenient ways of dealing with everyone outside the cell than his inmates.

Still, it doesn’t stop Fay from asking Kent questions to get a diagnosis of his personality. At the same time, Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad says that this fearsome underground King also consistently surprises Fay with his bulldozer-like desire for bodily attractions.

What other surprises does this King of Mafia offer in Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad? How will Fay, the idealistic psychologist, live in the real, passionate world for the second time, with Kent a.k.a. her ex-boyfriend’s dad?

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Part 2: The Main Characters In Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad Novel

Fay Thompson

Fall For My Ex's Mafia Dad Fay

Fay Thompson’s job as a psychologist and her highly focused attitude when working might give others an initial impression of a stoic woman. Behind the surface, the 23-year-old Fay is an idealistic person. Daydreaming about Prince Charming is her bread of life, as seen in the first chapter of Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad.

The shocking discovery of Fay’s boyfriend’s gayness doesn’t stop Fay from believing in love, even though she has to hop in a “unique” direction. In Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad novel, her relationships with Kent are tumultuous with the physical contact happening between the two characters.

Daniel And Kent Lippert

Fall For My Ex's Mafia Dad Daniel And Kent

Fay used to date Daniel “Rich Kid” Lippert for a couple of months before she met Kent Lippert, his dad. Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad novel’s early mentions of Fay’s realization of Kent’s status as Daniel’s dad suggests Fay and Daniel might known each other deeply, either before they dated or in the middle of dating.

“The city’s most notorious Mafia King” is a label that other characters in Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad novel associate with Kent. He is also an ambitious sociopath guy, and readers have consistently seen this part of Kent’s personality throughout this novel’s chapters. As the head of a mafia family, Kent doesn’t only possess ultimate richness; he also hides tons of secrets, and nobody dares to unfold the family’s secrets.

Daniel’s shocking reveals of being the only gay son to a mafia are just the beginning of the family’s dark secrets. Since then, these two guys’ presence has challenged Fay’s reputation and competence in psychology topics.

Part 3: Some Analysis Of Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad Novel

Fall For My Ex's Mafia Dad PDF

I would say Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad is one of the most mentally stimulating novels to read. I can see the author’s dedication to tying the classical elements of mafia romance and the “twisted” parts of them. The in-depth elements of each character have also been vivid since the first three chapters of this novel.

Kent Lippert is not only a Mafia King: He partners with a trashy chief warden, Sven. He also collaborates in a love-hate-like relationship with other mafias in the city. As far as I read in Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad, Kent is not only all about gambling, selling illegal drugs, and conducting shady jobs like the mainstream mafias. His mystery and intimidating nature are both alluring and picture the “King of the Underworld” vibe.

Kent is far from being romantic; even though it makes his characteristics far away from Fay’s dreams, it makes the stories keep going. “Testing” is another element I constantly see in Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad. Fay is a psychologist; hence, testing people out should be her essential daily routine. Yet, her encounters with Kent put the whole “testing” thing to a different level.

Fall For My Ex's Mafia Dad Novel PDF

I also love how detailed the psychological diagnoses are in the early chapters of Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad. I see this portion of the story as not only emphasizing Fay’s job description as a psychologist. Instead, this portion also invites readers to stretch their mental boundaries as the characters use their mind powers to unravel each other’s mysteries.

It doesn’t matter if Fay didn’t ask complete questions at first. After all, Kent’s savageness is beyond Godlike, and I also feel thrilled to read this part of Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad. What matters most is that this novel uses unique approaches that other authors might be too fearful to use!

Part 4: Conclusive Remarks Of Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad

Fall For My Ex's Mafia Dad Novel Read

The mentally stimulating elements and story plots make me want to recommend you put Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad as soon as possible in your Library collection. Nobody dares to question Caroline Above Story’s credibility as the novel’s author, as she always produces one-of-a-kind romance novels with twisted elements.

Are you the type of person who tends to generalize that all romance novels always tell stories about betrayals? Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad will satisfy your generalization in a slightly different way. Yes, this novel talks about betrayal in its first chapter. However, the betrayal involves a hilarious but hurtful fact: The ex-boyfriend is gay!

Fay’s discovery of her ex’s gayness follows her discovery of Kent Lippert, the Mafia King in prison whom she gets the chance to conduct the assessment for. Kent Lippert, the fearsome mafia head, is also her ex’s father. What other “dirty little secrets” that Fay, and later, Kent, will discover?

You can find out more about it when you read Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad!

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