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Read All About Even After Death Novel Olivia And Ethan Online

Torturous: That’s an accurate word to describe Olivia’s relationship with Ethan in Even After Death novel. They might be married; yet, their hearts are elsewhere.

It all starts from Olivia’s fall from her grace. She was previously a bright, beautiful, and brilliant medical faculty student, until her cancer, the family’s bankruptcy, and the marriage with Ethan, gradually changed her life.

Given Ethan’s entire mistreatment toward Olivia, I wonder, will he change as the story progresses?

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Part 1: The Core Story Of Even After Death Novel (Olivia And Ethan)

Even After Death Novel Olivia And Ethan Free Download

Olivia Fordham’s medical faculty origin and the Fordham surname she bears denote this woman’s noble status in society. What’s more, is that Olivia is blessed with unrivaled beauty. She also has a romantic relationship with Ethan Miller, a man who treats her well, at least in the first few years of her marriage in Even After Death novel.

Ethan Miller of Even After Death novel is as wealthy as Olivia. His Miller surname means his family befriends the Fordham family members. The two families’ close business relationships eventually led to the arranged marriage between their son and daughter. It eventually happens in Even After Death novel.

Olivia and Ethan’s married relationships were fantastic with Ethan’s constant lavish gifts to Olivia and his attempts to pamper her. However, Olivia has smelled a red flag from Ethan since their first periods of marriage, and that red flag is Ethan’s remnant feelings for Marina Carlton, his first love.

Even After Death Novel Olivia And Ethan Free Read Online

Even though Olivia feels Ethan doesn’t only marry her, but also Marina, the person she hates the most, Even After Death novel suggests Olivia stays true to her feelings for Ethan by doing things for him. She is also willing to give up her essence of personality, and not only her medical degree, for the sake of Ethan’s love.

However, Olivia’s wishes never come true for someone who has unfinished business with his first love like Ethan. Marina’s shadows are too powerful for Olivia to overcome. Since Marina’s first day of return from abroad, Ethan has completely abandoned Olivia and repeatedly demanded her divorce.

In Even After Death novel, Olivia also realizes she is no match for Marina; so, she agrees to a divorce. At the same time, Ethan also refuses to let her go, and he takes delight in Olivia’s deteriorating health. In other words, Ethan enjoys escalating Olivia’s cancer’s severity.

Apart from Marina, what or who motivates Ethan of Even After Death to act that way towards Olivia, his rightful wife?

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Part 2: Meet The Wonderful Characters Of Even After Death Novel

Olivia Fordham

Even After Death Novel Olivia

Bearing the Fordham surname and having almost completed her medical faculty degree, Olivia of Even After Death novel is a wealthy and influential woman. Her beautiful face also attracts men of all ages and backgrounds without hassles, including Ethan, at first glance.

Unfortunately, Olivia isn’t all that lucky in terms of romantic relationships. After all, she has given up on her “give until it hurts” pattern since her first period of marriage. Olivia is a trusting woman, and we can see this trait throughout the chapters of Even After Death novel. She just has a bit of tough luck in dealing with the demon inside Ethan Miller, her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Ethan Miller

Even After Death Novel Ethan

Being the son of the Miller family means Ethan Miller of Even After Death has borne the heir responsibility since his early age. Such a thing develops Ethan’s obedience to his family’s patriarch. He is even willing to give up and hide his loving feelings for Marina to marry Olivia Fordham, a woman she never loved, according to his grandfather’s request.

Since Ethan never loves Olivia, it’s not surprising to see his abusive and hateful acts throughout the chapters of Even After Death novel. However, Ethan’s motivation for not letting Olivia go doesn’t only stem from his attempts to save his face in the family. Instead, he wants to retaliate against his past for whatever the other parties were doing to his little sister.

Part 3: Some Further Analysis Of Even After Death Novel

Even After Death Novel Olivia And Ethan Free Online Read Download

Ethan Miller is the character of Even After Death novel I’d like to highlight in discussing the relationship patterns happening throughout this novel’s chapters. He gives me a vibe of a guy who keeps using lame excuses to ditch Olivia Fordham. However, he has one core reason, and that core reason’s name is “bitterness”.

Ethan is a man full of bitter feelings. First, he could have asked his grandfather about Olivia Fordham instead of blindly following his ill grandfather’s desire. Second, he consistently shows unfinished business with Marina Carlton, his first love, throughout the chapters of Even After Death novel.

Ethan’s bitterness leads him to things he doesn’t want to do and shouldn’t do, including but not limited to denying Olivia’s right to better treatment as his wife. It also leads him to constantly blurt out about divorces to Olivia. Yet, Olivia can never reclaim her Fordham surname, because he always goes on a rampage mode when Olivia mentions divorces.

Olivia and Ethan’s relationships throughout the chapters of Even After Death novel might look destructive and emotionally harmful. After all, Ethan’s constant mistreatment and his inability to reciprocate Olivia’s love deteriorates Olivia’s mental and physical health as the story progresses.

Still, Olivia and Ethan’s relationship can be restored to the conditions when they first married, if Ethan is willing to move on from his past and realize what a manipulative and harmful person Marina Carlton truly is. After all, Marina, the other woman in Olivia and Ethan’s relationship in Even After Death novel is not a woman people can trust.

Part 4: Read An Alternative To Even After Death Novel

Alternative Novel To Even After Death

Every relationship starts from a person’s waiting (or “hanging in there”) period, regardless of how healthy or mentally deteriorating the relationship is. Even when the relationship has gone official, the “waiting time” seems to stay as the recurring theme. In Even After Death novel, it happens to Ethan in many ways.

In Even After Death novel, Ethan might be married to Olivia. However, it doesn’t mean he stops waiting for Marina Carlton, his first love, to return to his home country. He also has some “waiting times” with Olivia Fordham, his legal but unloved wife. So, the “waiting times” in Olivia and Ethan’s relationships are full of painful feelings and suffering for both parties.

At this point, have you wondered if you could find a novel that you can treat as a somewhat happier alternative to the Even After Death novel? You can read Fire And Desire! Philip, the male MC of Fire And Desire, is similar to Ethan, in his “waiting for mate” ways. Meanwhile, Lysandra’s head-over-heels initial feelings for Philip remind us of Olivia’s feelings for Ethan in Even After Death novel.

The difference is that Philip and Lysandra of Fire And Desire reunite in a foreign land after their painful separation phases. Like Even After Death, this novel also hints at the other party in the MCs’ relationships. Are you wondering how they manifest?

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