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The Luna’s Choice by Kat Silver Read Online

Victoria used to be a Luna for her Alpha mate before she became the pack’s sole survivor. She also still possesses the memories of how her former pack operates.

An old-aged Alpha found her while she was wandering alone, and gave her an Omega title. Victoria knows so well what an Omega is.

“Either you pair with a mate, or you are not welcome in this pack,”

What will Victoria do next in The Luna’s Choice?

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Part 1: The Primary Stories Of The Luna’s Choice Novel

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Victoria of The Luna’s Choice should be the Luna of her pack. As the pack’s Luna, she is a respected leader. She doesn’t baby her mate. After all, she is deeply in love with her Alpha mate, and vice versa, and it won’t change, no matter how hard other packs are trying to separate them.

Only death can separate Victoria from her Alpha mate and other remaining pack members. “The Death” succeeds in doing so, and we can see it in the first chapter of The Luna’s Choice. It leaves Victoria wandering around by herself. No matter what rank she was in before she became the former pack’s Luna, she is a small lady in front of this old-aged Alpha, who finds her.

Instead of acknowledging Victoria’s previous role as the Luna, the old man insists Victoria is the Omega in his pack. As such, Victoria sleeps in a den with dim lights that fit perfectly with low-class Omegas. Victoria also no longer has the right to speak like she did when she was a Luna. The old man Alpha even determines her fate by forcefully mating her with another Omega.

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In The Luna’s Choice novel, we recognize this other Omega’s name as Impala. A rugged masculinity might be painted around his facial and body features. However, Impala is still an Omega, which means, he is no match against Victoria’s late Alpha mate.

The new Alpha of Victoria’s pack also assigns her a new hunt name: Oryx. The Luna’s Choice novel also implies the new pack is where Victoria learns the existence of night howls, the she-wolf protectors, which never existed in her old pack.

Victoria of The Luna’s Choice novel should re-learn the concepts she has mastered in her previous pack. It’s not enough for her to do the cleaning like Omegas instead of getting acknowledged as a Luna.

Will Victoria lower her ego and learn everything? Or, will she be too comfortable in her former Luna position?

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Part 2: The Wonderful Chapters Of The Luna’s Choice Novel

Chapter 6

The Luna's Choice Chapter 6

The Luna’s Choice Chapter 6 shows Victoria’s miserable life in the pack’s prison. Her physical condition greatly deteriorates due to the lack of food and other werewolves caring for her. Everything around her suddenly blurs, from her hazy vision to blurry memories of what was happening before she entered this nasty place.

A male werewolf named Ajax appears as one of Victoria’s inmates in some later parts of The Luna’s Choice Chapter 6. His voice is comforting, which makes Victoria feel safe in his presence. Thanks to Ajax’s presence Victoria slowly regains her memories. Nonetheless, Victoria’s happiness doesn’t last long, for Ajax states his rebellion to his pack is the reason he is there.

Chapter 18

The Luna's Choice Chapter 18

Victoria has formed a close relationship with Max before the stories of The Luna’s Choice Chapter 18 happen. Such closeness leads Jacklyn, Max’s ex, to get furious. Now, Victoria, Max, and James, Max’s Beta, suddenly experience an uncontrollable fire in the morning.

The previous chapter before Chapter 18 of The Luna’s Choice might suggest Jacklyn has a role in the suddenly burning fire. However, Max’s primary concern is to control the fire and save Victoria. On the other hand, as a former Luna, Victoria also doesn’t only accept Max’s help. She collaborates with James in building a firefighter team and heading to the forest where the fire starts.

Part 3: An Analysis Of The Luna’s Choice Novel

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A Luna mated to an Alpha should have her happiest lovey-dovey moments. It also applies to Victoria. I am sure her love for her late Alpha goes beyond a one-sided love. They love and protect each other; I can see the power balance between these two kickass werewolves, even though the late Alpha never makes an actual appearance throughout the chapters of The Luna’s Choice.

I can also see how convenient Victoria’s life in her former pack is, which leads me to normalize whatever Victoria is feeling upon meeting the old-aged, false savior Alpha. As the former pack’s respected Luna, Victoria is not used to wandering alone. Once she does, she will feel vulnerable, and the old man can smell this vibe from afar.

Unfortunately, The Luna’s Choice novel describes that the old man is far more ruthless than Victoria could ever imagine during her first encounters. The “Old Grandfather” weaponizes Victoria’s loneliness to transform her into an Omega. Furthermore, Victoria’s discovery of the oddities in her new pack doesn’t only imply she has to “re-learn from zero”.

The Luna’s Choice novel also implies the old grandfather whom Victoria met for the first time wants to gaslight Victoria by making her forget about self-respect. As we progress through the chapters in The Luna’s Choice novel, we will see the old Alpha’s tricks don’t work against Victoria, for she is the rightful Luna.

Since Victoria is the rightful Luna instead of a low-class Omega, I believe she will eventually find a decent mate. That Impala guy should be out of the picture, for he is the cause Victoria gets sent to the pack’s prison.

Part 4: Some Conclusive Remarks Of The Luna’s Choice Novel

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Some of us might heard enough stories of Alphas attracting fellow Alphas, Omegas attracting fellow Omegas, and Omega she-wolves aspiring to be as powerful as her other peers to attract that one Alpha hunk.

We might see the same scenes when we read The Luna’s Choice. Victoria might have been a non-Alpha she-wolf before she got mated to her late Alpha mate. Yet, she is not an Omega. Had she been an Omega from the start, she would have succumbed to a low self-confidence, suggesting herself that she deserved a sluggish Omega like Impala and a random hunting name like Oryx.

I would also say that “learning” becomes the middle name of The Luna’s Choice novel, as that’s what Victoria has to redo from the first time that she steps her feet to her new pack. Victoria gradually shows her true personality identity through her learning progress. The whole “learning” part of this novel is inspiring in that it can keep the readers interested in reading more chapters of it.

Right now, The Luna’s Choice has reached Chapter 21. I can see from the author’s progress that it’s highly likely that Bella Lore, the author, will update more amazing content of The Luna’s Choice novel. All of the chapters are locked, yet, it is always worth the coins to read such a fantastic book like this one.

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