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Read Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Novel Online Now

Fiona has always believed she is an Omega who deserves horrible treatment from other beings. After all, she doesn’t have much memories about her childhood.

Alpha Carl Jackson and Bianca, his Luna, should be Fiona’s biological parents. Yet, they are even more ruthless than Fiona’s adoptive parents. They collaborate with Vivian, Fiona’s biological sister, to send her to a dungeon.

What happens when Fiona’s child yells, “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King”?

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Part 1: The Primary Story Of “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King” Novel

Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Novel

“A happy childhood” is a foreign phrase for Fiona Jackson of “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King” novel. She might be one of the daughters of Alpha Carl and Bianca Jackson. However, her parents have entrusted her to their best friends, Dorothy and Otis.

These two foreign adults in Fiona’s life are werewolves who teach Fiona to think, act, and behave like a submissive Omega. Fiona’s Omega identity doesn’t only erode her self-confidence; it also makes her vulnerable to her mates’ rejections.

Once Fiona is old enough, they contact Fiona’s biological parents, telling them that they can take Fiona back to the pack estate of the Langfield community. Here, the Jacksons aren’t the only parties waiting for Fiona’s arrival. Vivian Jackson, her sister, is also there to “welcome” her.

Unfortunately, “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King” novel suggests Fiona’s happiness in reuniting with her parents and sister only lasts for a while. Vivian defiles Fiona’s opportunities to meet her mate by having dangerous physical relationships with Henry Lockwood, Fiona’s mate. Then, Vivian and Henry take advantage of Fiona’s pregnancy to collaborate with the biological parents to put Fiona in the dungeon.

The Lycan King’s sudden presence in the dungeon is the thing that liberates Fiona until five years later. Now, she takes on a new identity, gives her appearance drastic changes, and has already been a mother to her two kids.

Problem: The Lycan King, Fiona’s savior, and the kids’ parents, is nowhere to be found. So, who is this mysterious but protective and loving Lycan King? What will happen once Fiona’s kids figure out the truth and yell, “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King,”? How come the once-imprisoned Fiona bore children with the Lycan King, the noblest of all werewolf beings?

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Part 2: The Eye-Catching Chapters Of “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King” Novel

Chapter 6

Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Chapter 6

The honorable council has pinned guilt upon Fiona in Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Chapter 6. With the almighty Giga attached to her neck, each wound will bring Fiona one step closer to death. Still, it doesn’t make Fiona lose hope in looking for “The Safe Run”, as the chapter’s title suggests.

At least, the Lycan King whom she slept with a few months ago doesn’t do any harm to her. Later, in Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Chapter 6, we see the Lycan King’s most trusted advisor has ordered the warden personnel to release Fiona. From this scene on, Fiona’s release marks the beginning of her new life and identity.

Chapter 7

Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Chapter 7

I choose Chapter 7 of “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King” novel as one of the most memorable chapters, because this chapter marks the start of Fiona’s life after her release from the dungeon. Gone has the horrible memories in the dungeon with dehumanizing personnel like Spencer and the gangs. Now, Fiona is nurturing June and Jashin, her children, while working in a hospital.

She usually goes by “Sky Lawson”. Only a few people, including her children and Camilla, her best friend, know the “Sky Lawson” woman in front of them is the same Fiona Jackson they used to know. All of them become Fiona’s biggest supporters. Yet, what if getting the support Fiona has longed for since her imprisonment led to some other series of events Fiona wishes to avoid?

Continuing to read past Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Chapter 7 will lead you to a shocking discovery of the kids’ Lycan King father! So, who is this King?

Part 3: Some Impressions Of “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King” Novel

Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Free Online

Readers always associate the Lycans and Alpha werewolves as the nobles in all werewolf hierarchies. Hence, a daughter of Alpha like Fiona in “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King” novel bears the responsibility of not bringing the family’s name to the hall of shame. “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King” novel has proved life is not always friendly for this Alpha daughter.

It is not enough that Dorothy and Otis, Fiona’s adoptive parents, train Fiona to be a despicable Omega. Their acts to bring Fiona back to her original family are not only shady but also treacherous. Indeed, “family” is the most confusing word for Fiona, even after her release from the dungeon.

June and Jashin, Fiona’s children, have difficulties acknowledging their father because they have grown up without him. Even when Fiona takes them to meet their dad, June doesn’t show her love for the mother as much as Jashin would do. In “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King” novel, the Lycan King’s appearances are best described as “too sudden” in all possible ways.

Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Free

That way, I can see June and Jashin’s shocked state of emotions as equal to Fiona’s when she discovered she was the Alpha’s daughter instead of an Omega. June and Jashin’s realizations of their Lycan King’s drops of blood from their father can trigger their beliefs in their powers. I hope June and Jashin will continue the kind-hearted and compassionate legacy that Fiona has passed on to them since they were babies.

Some additional things I witness in “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King” are June and young Fiona’s status as “the lost daughter a.k.a. little princess to a much more powerful authority figure”. They become some of the crucial highlights to help readers understand the plots of the “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King” novel.

Part 4: An Alternative Novel To “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King”

Alternative To Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King

Fiona never knows any kind-hearted and powerful authority figures in her life apart from Dorothy and Otis, her adoptive parents. That’s what I have seen since the first chapter of “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King”.

Fiona’s biological parents turn out to be abusive and neglectful figures in her life. Instead of taking time to listen to her side of stories and empathize with her, they send Fiona to the dungeon. Fiona’s “lost daughter” status doesn’t stop at her, for five years later, her daughter struggles to demonstrate love to her.

The whole “lost daughter” and “generational” dynamics in “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King” are wonderful. I see it will be much more wonderful and add more colors to the novel’s plots when the author gives more vivid explanations of it.

So, here is it: An alternative novel titled “The Lycan King’s Long Lost Princess”. The author doesn’t only pronounce the “lost daughter” dynamic in the title; it is also evident through the plots.


Like Fiona in “Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King” novel, Genevieve used to think she was an Omega in the gigantic-sized Blackstone pack. Alpha Jaden, the ruthless Blackstone pack ruler, never lets her go outside. The heartless Blackstone Alpha also forcefully claims Genevieve as his mate while threatening her not to play with other male werewolves and denying her the right to speak and move without waiting for his commands.

The Full Moon Festival that involves the Lycan King and his men marks the beginning of Genevieve’s life changes. It all starts with Genevieve’s realization of Alpha Jaden as her parents’ murderer.

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