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Hot Chapters In The Prince’s Unwilling Mate Novel

Ayla Hemming feels delusional when David Birch, her long-term best friend and supposed fated mate, rejects her. The rejection happens in the kitchen a.k.a. the low-class Omega’s sanctuary.

David calls Ayla “runt of the pack”, which results Ayla’s move to another pack. Yet, sometimes later, who knows that she has to participate in the Crown Prince’s game of mate?

Here is the skeptical Ayla becoming “The Prince’s Unwilling Mate”. Will she believe in love once again?

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Part 1: The Main Plots Of The Prince’s Unwilling Mate Novel

The Prince's Unwilling Mate Novel

Werewolves have special instincts when it comes to their fated mates. Such a thing applies even for a Crown Prince like Griffin. Griffin has felt his fated mate’s death long time before the main plots of The Prince’s Unwilling Mate novel begin. He can’t stop fantasizing about how is it like to spend time with the late fated mate since he was only 14.

Crown Prince Griffin of The Prince’s Unwilling Mate and his royal parents and families finally gets enough of it. The nation needs a Queen a.k.a. “the Luna of all Lunas”. Griffin also has a brief vision of his second-chance mate through his prayers to the Moon Goddess. So, they collaborate to invite all unmated she-wolves in the Prince’s age to a mate game.

Then, in The Prince’s Unwilling Mate novel, we enter the story of Ayla Hemming. Ayla has always believed she is the runt a.k.a. the incurable burden to her pack since David Birch, her fated mate, rejects her. Ayla used to befriend David before her 18th anniversary, the time of her wolf and mate’s discovery. She also used to have a crush on him for around a decade.

The Prince's Unwilling Mate Free

Unfortunately, David’s preference for another more feminine-looking Luna candidate in the pack makes him reject the quirky, short, and tomboyish Ayla. To make matters even worse, David pronounces the rejection words in the kitchen. It makes other pack members ostracize Ayla.

David’s rejection in The Prince’s Unwilling Mate novel also leads Ayla to no longer believing in the idea of one fated mate. Ayla knows too well a second-chance mate is not for her. Yet, here is the royal-sealed letter for her to participate in the Crown Prince’s mating game.

Mated to Griffin, the Crown Prince, is the last thing Ayla would want to experience, for she “knows” how the mating concepts in werewolf community work. Even so, as the stories of The Prince’s Unwilling Mate novel progress, Griffin proves himself to be different than David.

So, will Ayla open her heart to her much more loving second-chance mate?

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Part 2: The Amazing Chapters Of The Prince’s Unwilling Mate Novel

Chapter 1

The Prince's Unwilling Mate Chapter 1

Standing on the short height of 5’3″ and having a human descendant in her family line make it seems enough for David Birch to reject and humiliate Ayla Hemming, the girl who has fallen head over heels for him since they were kids. David’s rejection to Ayla leads Ayla to shake her head in her disbelief about a second-chance mate, and that’s what happens in The Prince’s Unwilling Mate Chapter 1.

All Ayla wants to do is just to live peacefully while she moves out to her Grandpa and Grandma’s pack. Yet, the mentions of the Crown Prince’s mating game mark the start of Ayla’s love adventure. Ayla might not want to consider the Crown Prince as her mate, yet, winning the game won’t hurt, because living in a modern, luxurious pack house is one of the rewards for the winner.

Chapter 6

The Prince's Unwilling Mate Chapter 6

The Prince’s Unwilling Mate Chapter 6 discusses about Ayla’s processes in moving out to her mate’s pack. This time, Ayla has to pass through Alpha Phillipe, the not-so-kind-hearted pack leader. As far as she has experienced and witnessed, Alpha Phillipe can only allow moving out when it benefits him.

Things are starting to get tougher when Ayla’s parents and siblings are begging for her to stay in the BloodMoon pack and promise to protect her. These are the rigid parents who won’t let their sons and daughter becoming rogues. They think Ayla’s desire of moving out is equal to becoming a rogue, yet, this is not the case. Ayla still speaks to her parents and siblings, yet, she also knows indulging in daydreams is not the solution.

Part 3: Some Analysis Of The Prince’s Unwilling Mate Novel

The Prince's Unwilling Mate Novel Ayla And Griffin

The royal families approach arranged marriage differently than commoners who can only flaunt their wealth. Parents aren’t the only parties involved in the arranged marriage. The entire family members must contribute in arranging the moving-out processes, the receptions, and, at some points, even organizing the events before the D-date.

I feel such complexities in executing the marriage a.k.a. mating ceremonies when I read about the parts where Griffin, the Crown Prince, converses with his parents. He is generally on a good term with his parents, except that his parents encourage him to listen to the nation’s wishes of having a Queen by his side.

It’s not an easy matter for Griffin, especially that his mind still wanders to his long-lost mate. Prayers to the Moon Goddess and keeping his faith to the Goddess’ promises are two things that “save” Griffin from his desperation. Such things in The Prince’s Unwilling Mate expand the Goddess’ roles, from only seeming to permit the characters’ mating to act as a caring authority figure for the werewolves.

The traumatic parts that The Prince’s Unwilling Mate Novel Ayla And Griffin experience can stir readers’ emotions. Both parties doubt if they could fall in love the second time after the rejection that Ayla experiences and the death of Griffin’s mate. Yet, as the story progresses, both parties must realize and experience the type of love that never exists in their minds.

The “overcoming the trauma” moments in The Prince’s Unwilling Mate novel is one of my top-listed favorite moments in this novel. Still, I believe this novel will be more attractive if there were more moments that explain how Griffin’s Kingdom struggles, why do the citizens need a Queen, and others.

Part 4: A Similar Novel To The Prince’s Unwilling Mate

Similar To The Prince's Unwilling Mate

The royal families are the groups of people the citizens would love to see first whenever they want to voice their aspirations. Ideally, royalties like Griffin and his other family members should earn place in their citizens’ hearts. To make themselves lovable and adorable, they have to listen to the citizens’ aspirations, and one of them is to crown a Queen.

Unfortunately, the answer to the question of, “Why do the citizens need a Queen?” remains a huge mystery in The Prince’s Unwilling Mate novel. The unknown answer to one of the most crucial questions leads the mating game’s somewhat cliché feels.

As a result, it makes me self-question about the presence of similar novels to The Prince’s Unwilling Mate. I initially hope this alternate novel will serve the same royalty mating elements, but with more vivid backgrounds of why the mating should happen.

So, here we are: The Alpha Prince And His Bride!


The Kingdom’s financial condition is crumbling under the regime of the current King and Crown Prince. Austin, the Crown Prince, should have lived happily with Ariana, his beautiful chosen mate. Yet, what if another equally-struggling neighboring Kingdom offered an arranged marriage to a Princess to fix their economy conditions?

Lucy isn’t a mute Princess like what Ariana utters in front of her “Babe Austin” to mock her. She originally also doesn’t want a marriage. Yet, she ends up in the arrogant Prince’s palace because her new family wants to kick her out so badly. What will happen after the Prince realizes the soul connection between him and Lucy instead of Ariana?

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