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The Moon Goddess seems to have a great time playing with Eleanor Stark and Zane Mackane in The Alpha’s Slave Mate novel.

Eleanor feels the Goddess ignores her when she witnesses her parents’ murder and she is auctioned. Zane also couldn’t comprehend why an Alpha like him would be mated to a slave.

As there is a slave-freeing Alpha, will Eleanor experience changes of beliefs? Also, will Zane persist in his beliefs of the Alpha hierarchy in relationships?

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Part 1: The Magnificent Chapters Of The Alpha’s Slave Mate Novel

Chapter 1

The Alpha's Slave Mate Chapter 1

“The auction market” is the central theme of The Alpha’s Slave Mate Chapter 1. Here, she-wolves are tied and placed in a huge auction market while waiting for male werewolves to claim them according to their bidding prices.

Here is where Eleanor Stark, a young woman who has recently witnessed her family’s death, unfortunately ends up. Her ears hurt upon constantly hearing the dollar mentions of her body price. Any mentions of the “Moon Goddess” at this point are pointless for her. Eleanor has stopped being an optimist; all she can do is prepare to say goodbye to everyone once the Alpha wins and claims her.

Chapter 4

The Alpha's Slave Mate Chapter 4

Clara, Eleanor’s best friend, remains the most important person in Eleanor’s life in The Alpha’s Slave Mate Chapter 4. Clara might not make her appearance in this chapter. Yet, her thoughts of Clara motivate Eleanor while she is in the slave quarters and enduring physical assaults from Alpha Zane and the Blood Moon pack members.

In The Alpha’s Slave Mate Chapter 4, Alpha Zane orders for the rest of the pack members to not give Eleanor food and water, causing Eleanor to give up on Zane’s beastly strength. Fortunately, Eleanor still remembers her promise to Clara. She has to come back alive for the sake of Clara.

Part 2: The Main Stories Of The Alpha’s Slave Mate Novel

The Alpha's Slave Mate Novel

The Alpha’s Slave Mate Eleanor Stark has her parents killed in front of her before a strange Alpha male werewolf finds her and places her in an auctioning market. There, she meets thousands of other she-wolves.

Some of the she-wolves experience the same things as her, which is getting caged in the auctioning place until the male werewolf winners claim them. Meanwhile, some of them are dangerous executors; pinning other women’s bodies down is their primary job. The women in the latter category always do it whenever the Alpha declares the male werewolf wins the bidding price.

Clara, Eleanor’s best friend, also witnesses how cruel the wealthy male werewolves are mentioning the prices for each she-wolves. After all, Clara is like Eleanor, and both of them are auctioned. Unfortunately, fate is not always nice for Eleanor, as Clara immediately vanishes from her sight after getting sold first.

The Alpha's Slave Mate Free PDF

Eleanor’s yelling and other attempts to defy the bidders only meet with name-callings and her eventual anxiety of not being sold and having a “comfortable” life. Yet, nothing is nice about being a slave, even when Eleanor becomes “The Alpha’s Slave Mate”.

Zane Mackane, the Alpha who should act as the primary person offering the girls to other wealthy werewolves, feels the forbidden mate pull when his gaze meets Eleanor’s for the first time. At the same time, The Alpha’s Slave Mate novel also describes his realization of the rules in the Blood Moon pack.

The Alpha can’t have a slave as his mate. Otherwise, he will get his Alpha title strip and be banished from his pack for good. Meanwhile, the Blue Rock pack, Zane’s worst nightmare pack, is approaching with the intent to free all of the she-wolf slaves, including Eleanor.

Like all active werewolf packs, the Blue Rock pack also has an Alpha as the pack leader. Given the opposing pack’s intention, how long will it take for Eleanor to believe in the real savior a.k.a. the Blue Rock pack? Will Zane risk his Alpha status by fighting for Eleanor, or will he remain faithful to his pack’s rules?

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Part 3: More In-Depth Analysis Of The Alpha’s Slave Mate Novel

The Alpha's Slave Mate Book Free Online

I love how detailed the auctioning market’s descriptions are in The Alpha’s Slave Mate novel. It describes the selling and bidding processes, the cheering crowds, and the “female assistants” whose jobs are to assist Alpha Zane in tying the sold she-wolf until their bidders pick them up. Since Zane comes from the Blood Moon pack, I guess the assistants also come from the same pack.

However, the Blood Moon pack’s rigid codes of their Alphas marrying a slave make me think Zane could have teamed up with some other werewolves feeling dissatisfied with the pack’s traditions. My speculation tells me that Zane could have gathered them and discussed his wills to collect she-wolves in an auction market before the stories of The Alpha’s Slave Mate novel began.

Zane is an Alpha who follows his ancestor’s rules. So, he can’t imagine getting mated with one of the she-wolves he has placed in the auctioned market as a slave. Like Eleanor, he thinks Moon Goddess is making some sick jokes with him. As I read The Alpha’s Slave Mate novel, I also think of the possibility that Zane may no longer believe in the Moon Goddess.

The Alpha's Slave Mate PDF

The arch-nemesis pack, which is the Blue Rock pack, serves as not only the intervening party in The Alpha’s Slave Mate novel. The pack also exists to challenge the beliefs that Zane and Eleanor have about the Moon Goddess. The pack has likely experienced the Moon Goddess’ grace and mercy, even though there are no mentions of any of the pack members getting mated before they meet Eleanor.

I hope the Alpha of the Blue Rock pack gets mated to Eleanor. That way, Eleanor will have the opportunity to fulfill her promises to Clara. In addition, the Blue Rock pack’s Alpha seems to be a decent mate if I consider the pack’s intention for the enslaved she-wolves.

Part 4: Conclusive Remarks Of The Alpha’s Slave Mate Book

The Alpha's Slave Mate Book PDF

Alphas are not only the highly-respected figures in their pack. Their top hierarchy means they command powers as much as they do for respect from other pack members. In other words, it’s normal for pack members to exalt the Alphas and lower the slaves, no matter what ranks the slaves are or were in.

One of the slaves in the Blood Moon pack of The Alpha’s Slave Mate novel is Eleanor Stark, the late Alpha’s daughter. Her placement in the auction market and her eventual fate of getting sold led her to a series of unpleasant experiences. The now-slave Eleanor is not only denied her rights to speak but also her necessities, such as food and water.

You can expect The Alpha’s Slave Mate novel to have many steamy and suspenseful scenes throughout the chapters. At first, it’s always the ruthless Alpha, Zane Mackane, overpowering Eleanor in bed. Yet, what if another Alpha from the worst nightmare pack intervened and created some other series of irresistible physical scenes?

Your desire for steamy actions will be satisfied through the chapters in The Alpha’s Slave Mate novel!

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