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All About Hot Chapters Of In The Lap Of Luxury Novel

Grace Lewis, the granddaughter of the wealthiest man in “In The Lap Of Luxury” novel, marries Benjamin Hawkins for three years as a token of appreciating his Grandma.

However, Benjamin remains a nominal husband for Grace, no matter how obedient she is. Benjamin’s appearance with Yvonne Quine when Grace was hospitalized triggered her to file for a divorce.

Grace is also determined to reclaim her position! What steps she will execute?

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Part 1: The Main Storyline Of “In The Lap Of Luxury” Novel

In The Lap Of Luxury Novel Grace And Benjamin

In The Lap Of Luxury Novel Grace And Benjamin Hawkins have been married for three years. Yet, their marriage only stays as a formality. Benjamin always feels too disgusted to touch Grace or return her calls, even though they share the same room.

The scenes in “In The Lap Of Luxury” novel open by describing Grace’s critical conditions in a hospital bed after a plane crash that occurred during her work trip to Darai as a secretary. Grace almost dies; yet, she sees a horrible scene of Benjamin walking affectionately with another woman from the Quine family.

From this point onward, Grace struggles to see her as a mere secretary to Benjamin’s company. Still, she uses her research powers to investigate everything she can about the Quine family that everybody in the office is talking about, especially about the family’s relationship with the Hawkins family.

At first, Grace doesn’t find anything from her online research. So, she returns to the Hawkins Manor, where she usually sleeps with Benjamin. Unfortunately, “In The Lap Of Luxury” novel describes Benjamin avoiding Grace’s interrogation about the Quine woman. First, Benjamin lies to Grace about his trip to Misdeon, which never happened. Second, Benjamin says he has known Yvonne for 20 years, which is a lot longer than their three years of marriage.

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Further chapters of “In The Lap Of Luxury” novel also suggest the rest of the Hawkins family consistently show their hatred towards Grace. For example, Celia Hawkins, Benjamin’s sister, collaborates with Susan Ford, her mother, to belittle and provoke Grace.

Grace’s patience finally hits its limit as she moves out from the Manor and collects ID cards and her other important data that remain inside the company. This time, in “In The Lap Of Luxury” novel, she will soar in the sky with her original identity as the wealthiest man’s granddaughter!

As Benjamin’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Benjamin can’t take Grace’s war declaration lightly! What other steps will Grace take to strengthen her social and economic position?

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Part 2: The Memorable Chapters Of In The Lap Of Luxury Novel

Chapter 8

In The Lap Of Luxury Novel Chapter 8

Identification or ID cards are crucial in managing the move-out processes in all companies. In The Lap Of Luxury Novel Chapter 8 shows Grace’s struggles in reclaiming her ID card after she resigns from the Hawkins Group. Yvonne, the third person in her marriage with Benjamin, keeps ordering her around, and Benjamin also seizes her ID card.

Such things that happen in Chapter 8 of “In The Lap Of Luxury” novel leave Grace with no other choice than to come over Benjamin, whose heart has already belonged to Yvonne. Still, Grace is determined to leave Benjamin for good. After all, she knows her family ties, and right now, her grandparents are more important than this Hawkins man!

Chapter 10

In The Lap Of Luxury Novel Chapter 10

The dramatic tensions between Benjamin, Grace, and Yvonne in Chapter 10 of “In The Lap Of Luxury” novel intensify as Benjamin still struggles to hand over Grace’s ID card to her. At the same time, Yvonne is at the peak of her annoyance for Grace. All Benjamin and Yvonne know about Grace is that Grace never shows such composure when they provoke her.

Grace’s impassive gaze and “cool, calm, confident” statements in “In The Lap Of Luxury” novel Chapter 10 don’t mean she accepts the reality of her missing ID card. As Grace tries to figure out more, Benjamin seems to place Grace’s ID card under a cooler. Meanwhile, one of the ladies’ family members is coming.

Is the attendance related to Grace’s ID card and her resignation from the Hawkins Group? Reading “In The Lap Of Luxury” novel Chapter 10 will give us pictures of what’s happening!

Part 3: Some Analysis Of “In The Lap Of Luxury” Novel

In The Lap Of Luxury Novel Read Online

Grace Lewis of “In The Lap Of Luxury” novel is slightly different from other typical female leads. Unlike others who come from the “Cinderella” position with their Prince Charming at their debut novel appearances, I can say Grace is a born rich lady.

Grace’s grandfather is the wealthiest man in the city, and that’s only the beginning. “In The Lap Of Luxury” novel also mentions her as the savior to Grandma Hawkins’ life a few years before the story begins. Such remarkable statuses in her society give her self-confidence in dealing with people, including people from the Hawkins Group.

Grace’s calmness and composure as the “Lady Magnate” differentiate the arranged marriage process “In The Lap Of Luxury” novel. Reading through the chapters will enlighten us that this novel is more than just a broken arranged marriage with a man who loves someone else and leads to an eventual divorce.

Instead, the Hawkins family members’ reactions to Grace’s helpfulness and authenticity cause them to believe she is rescuing the grandma to beg for Benjamin’s love. These plots happen sluggishly; I have to read around 1-2 chapters in full to obtain the “missing puzzle” pieces for each scene in the novel’s plots.

Another thing that I believe can improve from “In The Lap Of Luxury” novel lies in the constant ID card problems Grace experiences. While I understand that Grace brings the same level of modesty as her grandfather, it doesn’t mean the ID card is the only problem Grace encounters. Yet, that’s what I consistently see for around 3-4 chapters in a row, which is saddening.

Part 4: An Alternative To “In The Lap Of Luxury” Novel

Alternative To In The Lap Of Luxury Novel

I believe “In The Lap Of Luxury” is the phrase that defines this novel’s storyline. That’s what Grace Lewis deserves, even though she may never get Benjamin to reciprocate her love. After all, she has saved Benjamin’s grandmother in the past.

Sadly, not only that “In The Lap Of Luxury” lacks variations in the conflict parts. It also doesn’t quite describe the complexity of a failed romantic relationship.

Having known those things, I believe we should seek an alternate novel. That way, my mind directs me to “My Boss Is My Son’s Dad”.


The 22-year-old Sapphire Collins might be a regular waitress in a diner. Yet, growing up with an all-boy family team causes her to develop a love for high-risk activities. Early chapters of “My Boss Is My Son’s Dad” show Sapphire’s car bumping into the fancy car, which Skylar “Sky” Theo Butler, the playboy CEO and the well-known Formula One driver, is in.

Years have passed and Sky has nurtured her son without his dad. So, what will happen when Sky figures out her real boss isn’t the lady in the diner but is also her son’s dad?

By the way, this novel also has many Mobile Legends elements in it. You will love the thrills it presents!

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