Special Recommendation

  • Rodrick

    Van Eve

    *Daily Update* After the nuclear war, the whole world collapsed into endless chaos. No boundaries. No laws. No fucking rules. Yet, everyone should follow one principle, kill or be killed. There is no way out, and no way back... p.s. A new cover! Do you like it?

  • A Truth About Hell

    rosemary newton

    A rainy night in the Silk Valley, fourteen men found themselves in a bus. Before they figured out what happened, they had to run away because of the landslide. Then, the strange sounds of drums led them to a dark building. Exhausted, they took a rest. Yet, strange things kept happening next morning…

  • The game of death


    Jordan Andrew woke up in a dark room with thirteen strangers sat on fourteen chairs and all of them, he soon found out, were thriller writers. A strange voice came from the darkness. "Hi, players, welcome. You must be wondering who I am and why I brought you here. I'm one of you, and I invited you here to play a game with me. You can’t run and you can’t escape. You can only play. Now, listen carefully... " Did you hear that? Now, click the site and let's begin!

  • Me,cat and Superpower


    The earth shook and the sky burned; a blazing, tumbling ball of glassy rock-carved a white-hot scar through the night sky. Below, superpowers were scattered throughout the world. Not in humans, but in cats. Meanwhile, Jake finds that he can talk to cats and share their superpower. "Stupid Jake, you can't stop me from playing HearthStone anymore! I can time stop now! Meow!" "Stupid Bacon, we share the superpower, and I will stop giving you the allowance!"