Special Recommendation

  • A Truth About Hell

    rosemary newton

    A rainy night in the Silk Valley, fourteen men found themselves in a bus. Before they figured out what happened, they had to run away because of the landslide. Then, the strange sounds of drums led them to a dark building. Exhausted, they took a rest. Yet, strange things kept happening next morning…

  • The Maid's Secret


    [Filipino/English] Rieda Fernandez, who is mostly known as Agent Ishtar, is one of the best agents serving under the Phoenix Organization. A secret agency led by an unknown billionaire who aims to give assistance to the government, to keep social security and peace, and to offer protection to anyone who needs to protect their lives. She is the woman who played numerous roles during her missions and after a long time of waiting for another role, Rieda is stunned to know that being a maid will be the next. More specifically, the client asked her to be a clumsy maid while shielding the sole heir of the De Guzman Enterprises-Derek. Will she be able to survive? What kind of client will she be encountering? Will this be just another mission of hers? Or will this be the time for her to reveal the identity behind the golden Venetian mask?

  • Jungkook! Wait For Me!


    Jungkook just don't get married yet or fall inlove with another girl!! Please wait for me!! I'd do anything to make you love me! You are my only inspiration. Seeing your face everyday on the internet or just by looking at my cellphone's locksreen, wallpaper, launcher background, SMS background, or even on the posters in my room already makes my day!!Hope you would notice me someday! Your super loyal FANGIRL" -Emi

  • The Sadist


    "Remember one fucking thing bunny" He said as he brought the leather belt down upon her back, causing her to scream out in pleasurable agony. "This isn't for you, it's for me."He exclaimed as he threw her onto the cold, cement ground and left the room. Pathetically enough, all she desired was for him to come back and take her again. This isn't a love story, it's just a fucking tragedy.