Special Recommendation

  • The Fighters Club

    Tee Graham

    Love comes along when you least expect it. Devyn Angel Goodrich At the young age 19, she's what most bitches envy and what most niggas fear. A strong independent woman who has her own. You'll never catch her asking for a hand out and she makes sure of that. She stacks her cash, keeps to herself and keeps her head down. To her men and problems go hand and hand and she doesn't need either or so she thinks? Hayden “Chance” Sanchez Only at the age of 22, he is the most feared man from the Chi to the Miami shores. One bad move and you're dead. No questions asked, No remorse. He'll even send ya momma a nice black dress. He's dangerous in the sexiest way. Bitches flock to him for the money and niggas dick ride for a shot at his lifestyle. Ruthless, stubborn, temperamental all rolled into one if you cross him. All he needs in life is his cash or so he thinks? When love tries to thaw their cold hearts, drama, heart break, lies, and betrayal are sure to follow. No said it would be easy. Welcome to the Fighter's Club

  • Behind Closed Doors

    Lovely Panda

    Rebecca, a university student, is being forced to marry Scott, but there's one problem: she hates his guts. Because he took her virginity in a possessive way.

  • Surviving Kontantine


    *Daily Updates* It was his betrayal that made her leave. And now it's her love that's imploring her to stay. Vanity Rose fled her home town a week after she had caught her husband tousled in the sheets with another woman. Determined to leave the past ghosts behind where they belonged, she packed up everything along with the remains of her heart and left, ready to start her life a new. Five years later, settled into a new city and molding herself into Glam Magazines most prestigious Editor, a promotion for Editor-in-chief is finally up for grabs. The only thing standing in her way is an exclusive with Limelights new head of directors and Glam's future owner. The promotion was as good as hers and everything was falling into place, until she is cornered in a room with him. Her dear old cheating husband who makes it apparent he wants her back! With both her career and her heart on the line, she finds herself in Greece. Secrets are revealed, hearts are broken and yet so many years of happiness stolen. And just when she thinks that they might still have a second chance at this beautiful yet deadly thing called love, a conniving ghost walks in begging to differ.

  • Fated To Marry You


    ** DAILY UPDATES ** Fated To Marry You is a romantic love story that revolves around Rithu a 23-year old girl, she is a smart, sweet and a lovely person with a kind heart and Vikram a 31-year old guy, he is a handsome, hardworking businessman with an aloof and rude nature. They're arranged to get married by their parents, though they lived under the same roof they are miles apart. Vikram decided not to open his heart to her and Rithu hated his introvert nature. But love has its own way right!! That made their hearts to come closer, understand each other and unknowingly they developed a strong bond between them. As time moves, will they realize that they're in love?