Divergence: The Vampire Queen

Marlissa Cunningham

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Natalia Romano has been trained to be the Perfect candidate for a future queen, but what school couldn't have prepared her for was becoming a vampire.

To create the purest line of vampires, the Venedici line, which has ruled Venice for centuries, must bring a human female in to carry their next pure vampire heir. When Natalia is chosen for this task, she has no idea the life that awaits her as the new wife of Prince Marcello Venedici. However, it turns out she isn't the only one being surprised as Natalia becomes one of the greatest anomalies in the vampire world: a turned human still capable of bearing children.

The story delves into the relationship of Natalia and Marcello as they grow as a couple, their children, and the lengths they must go to in order to protect them both from outsiders and their own kind.


Tags: possessivesexlove after marriagepregnantarranged marriagebxgvampireroyalsecretsvirgin
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He pulled off as soon as he heard her exclamation of pain. She looked terrible and bedraggled, and instantly his heart dropped. He held her up on the bed, keeping her from passing out. Moving so fast that she barely even had time to begin to slump before he could cradle her once more, he managed to rise and get the decanter of blood. He pulled o……

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