the high school life of a pop star.


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Kevin, Mensah and Camille are three young pop music stars known throughout Africa and Europe, who decide to take a break and catch up with their teenage years by returning to high school. The young stars were discovered by Mensah's father, himself a singer at a school party. He noticed that the young boys were full of talent and decided to have them produced. It's been six years now that the boys are between two planes, on the roads and the plateaus. They love what they do but this year they also want to be just teenagers and nothing else. They kept Mensah's father informed, he didn't really like the idea of putting their musical career on hiatus but still gave in to the boys' whim and sent them to one of his brothers in the north of the country where they were. were enrolled in high school.
Between love, plot and delirium, the young boys will try to catch up with their adolescence.


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chapter 1

chapter 1


“Hi family, I hope you are doing well. It's five o'clock and it's a Friday so welcome to your sunset show which introduces you to the weekend vibes on your Capitol radio channel ... We're going to start the weekend with this wonderful song by the group "the blue boys" I 'm here for you. And we'll meet right aft……

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