What the Heart Wants

Rowan Tempest

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I was lost in her touch, lost in her scent, the very sight of her lips had me wanting to seize them for myself, and I did, I braced her against the wall and took her soft hands into mine, and I took what I wanted, because she belonged to me and me alone, but there behind me, bracing himself against me as his breath fanned against my neck was the one I belonged to.
"Alice." They both whispered my name before I melted in her kiss with the sensation of his fangs in my nape and both their hands wrapped around me, this was control, this is what my heart wanted.

Living a double life she wasn't aware of, Alice is dragged into another world of the mythical and supernatural where she is accidentally marked by a werewolf in heat, and then something else, something far more ancient, but true to her desires she decides to keep going forward and see what becomes of the feelings she can't ignore even if it tears her heart apart.

They say that opposites attract, I think that's a lie, opposites don't attract, they destroy each other.
I won't be his opposite, and I won't be her opposite either, I refuse to let guides and rules from centuries ago come in-between what I want, and I want them, both of them, and I'm willing to go to the ends of the earth and hell to keep them.


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