Beautiful Family

Phil Summer

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The Best Gynecologist who can't have her own child! A Bloody Family Feud that's full of Betrayals, Crime, Lies and Secrets!

Beautiful Family Is every woman's greatest desire! But what If It takes Blood to have a Beautiful Family?

Dr.Celine Montecarlos Is a kindhearted and passionate Doctor. Member of Delarosa family, a well known family In their Province. Married to Dr.Andrey Montecarlos from a wealthy family.

Though It feels like God had Curse her for she can't give Andrey a child and so they adopted her niece to Catrina. Her Prodigal sister's child from her secret affair!

Fourteen years ago Celine and Catrina was branded as the Daughter's of a Murderer and now It looks like past Is hunting Celine and destiny wants to repeat by Itself!

When she woke up one day realizing that her now Perfect Life Is about to fall apart because of Secrets, Lies and Betrayals!

Will she be able to have her own Beautiful Family at the expense of betting everything she have Including her soul?

A Family Dark Drama, Suspense, Sexy Romance Novel about different women and their Love and Professions In between!


Tags: darkfamilypregnantdare to love and hatedoctordramabetrayalsecretscrimeaffair
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Her Reflection..

"LOVE WAKE UP! WAKE UP! Your dreaming!" Its Andrey waking Celine up.

"Hugh!" Celine woke up while breathing hard, she looked at her hands now without any sign of blood then stares at her husband who looks so worried while sitting beside her In their Queen size bed.

She Immediately clung her arms onto his nape pulled him……

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