His Sad Little Mate

Tanisha Kary

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Arabella lost her family and was orphaned at six. She wandered in the woods homeless and scared until a man came across her.
Blue Moon Pack. The pack took her in. Yes, she heard heard of the shifters and meet some but of course not all of them are good.
It's been twelve years and Arabella has been working for the pack since then.
She's lost interest and hope in ever leaving. Finding love.....starting anew.
All that aren't just meant for her, at least that's what she believes but it seems life as something different planned for her.

Xavier, Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack which is also the strongest pack around has watched all his friends find their mates and build families but that just doesn't seem to be written in his fate but all that changes after one crazy run on a rainy day.
The most gorgeous innocent beautiful little angel he's ever seen and he's not letting her slip out of his hands.
Just grab her and throw her over your shoulder......Not hard at all.


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Chapter One

Arabella's P.O.V

It's so late at night but I can barely sleep. The cut on my stomach hurts, my head is aching so bad and so is my left swollen foot. I drop on my jumper, a shirt and jeans and head out. Everyone must be asleep. It's past midnight now.

I head in to the forest to just my favorite spot, it's the widest and……

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