Break-up in Friendship

Sukhman Cheema

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°°Story of a little girl°°
A gang of four friends and she is one of them.....
They love music✓.
They are type of idle of the school and for some teacher they are most useless students ever.....
However they are , 'good or bad' but they are best friends who never want to be apart at any condition.....
What happen that they....they are suddenly don't like each other... suddenly they are start hating each other.......


Tags: dramacomedysweetlightheartedserious
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^°Things Change Over Time™°^

1st April 2012✓

After 5 years again date is same, same feeling again about new big building, water bottle around my neck, new uniform....wait. wait... uni--- uniform, oh my god how can i forgot it, i am not primary schooler anymore i am now middle schooler but my uniform°°°. First day of middle school and albin is standing in the……

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