Sunset Cove. Rookie School

Tambra Satoe

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Sunset Cove is an Island desperately in need of some staff. It might have taken them a while to gather up the best but then Johnathan and Bridgette were the best at what they do. They scout out high schools all over the United States for the best swimmers they can find to turn them into lifeguards. Their best choosen ones were due for arrival in the morning. They couldn't wait to get started with Rookie School this year. Watch all their recruites grow into seasoned lifeguards.


Tags: sexkidnapkickass heroinedramastraightabusebetrayalcoming of agefirst lovelove at the first sight
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Chapter 20 Her Awakening

It took Johanthon all of one hour. Shower, change, get an extra set of clothes, call Bridgett tell he the news, make a sandwich, and grab a love story (off of his bookshelf) and he was back at the hospital. Now stranding at the information desk getting her room, number.

He opened the door ever so slowly. She was lying so still, but he coul……

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