Kipuka Blues

Michael Warren Lucas

329256 reads

After extinction?


The alien Absolute eradicated Earth’s native life, replacing a fraction of it with alien duplicates. Kevin remembers the life of a police officer, but must find a new life in the bizarrely warped landscape of northern Michigan.

But even astonishingly resilient alien flesh breaks down, with enough effort.

Or enough electricity.

Absolute eradicated humanity. But his copies brought the worst parts of humanity with them…


Tags: darkstraightnon-hunman leadapocalypsealien contactcrimehorror
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Chapter 80

Chapter 80

THE SUN had dropped behind the row of stores on the far side of the street, offering us a scrap of blessed shade. Bill’s puttermobile had burned out, but the stink still filled the air despite the faint breeze that had risen as the sun disappeared.

I still felt exhausted and hungry and generally horrible, with broken bo……

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