I Belong To Them

Learn To Love Again

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Having to move from the townhouse which she has lived in for the past three years, Crystal Johnson is going north - to the Big Apple. The only thing that Crystal is looking forward to is becoming an adult. Just three weeks from now, she'll be eighteen years old. But as the days pass, Crystal learns things that she would have never thought possible. She discovers more than a few facts about herself, the people around her, and even her own mother! Join Crystal as she works through the troubles of acceptance, power, and all things crazy!


Tags: love-trianglepossessive
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Too Damn Early

  I wretched one of my eyes open, and noticed that the interior of my room was almost completely pitch black, except for the light coming from under my door. I tapped on my phone lying beside me, and had to enter my password a numerous amount of times before it unlocked. I swear I'm better with books. I can flip the page better than anyone.……

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