Stefanie Starnes

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My name is Winter Jones. I have hair that is almost shoulder-length. I was born with dark blue hair, like most wolves, I am born with an unnatural type of hair color. I have dark grey eyes. I once was a rogue wolf, until some wolves found me hurt and took me into their pack, and let me live in their den. The boys who found me were Tyran and Grant. They were fraternal twins and their older brother, Adam, was the alpha of the Night-Water pack. I became really close to Tyran and shared a room with him. He soon became my best friend. I was the same age as Tyran and Grant, we were all 18 years of age, which meant, it was time to find our mates.... But in a world where vampires and werewolves exist, it's not as easy as it sounds. When a vampire shows up claiming to be my mate and forces my pack and I into an ultimatum, I have no choice but to abandon my friends to save them.


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*Winter's POV*

Ash led us down a hallway of extra rooms. I could tell Declan was eager to find out about his sister, but he wanted to ask in a way where Ash wouldn't suspect anything.

"I heard there's a pet here, Dylan McKay, I have been told she's a great lay." Declan stated with the fakest smile anyone could m……

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