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Wilson is the future, and the future is now!
He was born to be a biological weapon. The scientists called him Wilson, because his host's name had been Wilson. He was a soldier, and he had been created to make decisions emotionlessly, with no sense of guilt or empathy. As his artificial brain became more and more integrated with his host body though, things began to change. Wilson's memories came to him in flashes, and he started to feel emotions that his designers had never intended him to feel.
Although these emotions were liabilities for Wilson, he embraced them. They enriched his life. It seemed as if, overnight, his world had gone from black and white to color. It was only because of these unexpected changes though that Wilson felt guilty about leaving Johnny and Davis behind, to die.
In time, these new memories and emotions will lead Wilson to a fork in the road, and he will have to choose what kind of a life he wants for himself. In an alien world from a Victorian Era, where mysterious creatures clad in Steam-punk gear roam, each road has its benefits. One of them leads to unknown treasures and the secrets of a lost legend. The other leads to death and destruction. It is not clear, though, which one leads where.


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Once everyone was done laughing at Wilson, they helped him up off the floor, apologized, and ensured that he was okay. Lucky for Wilson, his ego was the only thing that had been bruised. The knives falling from mid-air, it could have been a lot worse.

Once they were back upstairs, Wilson demanded that Daniel tell him how the box worked……

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