The Nine Years Bar

Shawn Lane

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"It's the ninth anniversary of the day they met, and Allan Baker is at a neighborhood bar waiting for his husband. While there, he strikes up a conversation with an old man sitting on a stool beside him.

The man introduces himself only as Gene. He sits alone nursing a beer he never touches and listens to Allan’s story about coming to the bar for the first time years ago.

Little does Allan know, but Gene is celebrating a nine-year anniversary of his own."


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Chapter 1

The Nine Years Bar

By Shawn Lane

“Nine years.”

Allan Baker looked up, startled from scrolling through his phone, at the craggy-faced man sitting on the barstool to the right of him.

“Excuse me?”

The man appeared to be in his late seventies to early eighties, if Allan had to guess. The man wasn’t e……

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