Barely Undercover

Sedonia Guillone

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Kaz has been a jerk. Afraid to tell his long time lover about a health concern, instead, he makes a bunch of excuses about going undercover and makes himself rather scarce. When a case forces him to turn to Damien for help, he knows he finally needs to tell his lover the truth. Damien knows the love of his life wouldn't just run out on him. Something is wrong. Even though he's pissed, he wants his man back and when Kaz shows up to ask for help, Damien is determined to get the truth out of him, even if it means restraining him (in a sexy way) until he comes clean!


Tags: policebxb
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Chapter Four

Chapter Four


“Are you nervous?”

Kaz lifted off his t-shirt before answering. His gut fluttered madly but he wasn’t sure if it was performance anxiety or anxiety about closing in on Brady. “Yeah, definitely.”

Guys were going in and out of the dressing room, which smelled of stale ……

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