War in Stellaris


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The discovery of the portals connecting our world to unknown domains was hailed as the beginning of a new era. It unleashed a golden age of progress that allowed the human species to possess divine powers. With the technology acquired from these new realms of existence, scientists were able to develop biomechanical components that could become one with the human body, resulting in an unprecedented acceleration of the process of evolution.

But there miracles of science were not the only things that slipped through the portals.

An army of hideous entities was about to lay claim to Earth and everything upon the surface of the planet. Now humanity had to use this alien technology to defend everything that made Earth the most beautiful place in the galaxy.

A young man, barely out of school, eager to test the new technology that has been implanted into his body, enlists with the largest Starfleet ever assembled to fight in the ultimate war that will determine the future of humankind. He is considered a prodigy-a master fighter whose skills are equal to those of the heroes of mythology.

Will Dean Perkins be able to make a difference in the struggle to save the planet?


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