Spy on Duty

Amuelle Aguilar

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"I know who you really are, Hazy Austria." A confident smirk was plastered on his face as he took a step forward. I took a step back.

  "I don't know what you're talking about, pier agent." He took a step forward again. I took a step back.

  "You can lie to them. But not to me." He took a step forward. I was about to take a step back but I already felt the cold and hard wall on my back. My knees began to tremble. My lower lip quivered. He leaned down, our lips just an inch away.

  "I know your secrets. You cannot hide anything from me."


  When Hazy Austria wakes up in the hospital, with bruises all over her body, her feet and hands aching, only one thought forms in her mind.

  Damien Ozera.

  She remembers everything that happened last night. She was attacked by two strangers in the middle of the farm. She was helpless and defenseless.

  Until a guy named Damien Ozera came and saved her like a prince charming does with his princess. She didn't even have any idea on who he is.

  She searches for him. She looks for her hero in any way she knows.
  But, does she really know what kind of person is Damien Ozera? What if he is not the man she thinks he is?

  And what if her desire to be close to him will be the one to put her in danger? To make her a spy in an agency that she has no idea about?

  Is she willing to risk her secrets she wishes to remain hidden?

  This story starts during a cold night. An encounter that made her agree on putting herself in danger. And a guy named Damien Ozera will be her undoing.


Tags: CrimeMysteryRomanceForbiddenGangFilipino
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