5th Floor Below

Misgav, Menachem

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A group of military scientists are involved in space research. A beautiful young Israeli physicist, is exposed to an unknown substance that made her body undergo very lengthy life cycles during a short period of time. Thus, begins a futuristic drama about discovering the formula for both the fountain of youth and the well of desolation. Can this heavenly spark assure its possessor eternal life?


Tags: TeleportationOpposites AttractOuter SpacePowerfulBxG
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Chapter 31

“You know what?” Naama suddenly placed her utensil down on the table. “I can’t seem to understand what’s happening to me.” It was during lunch at the institute’s cafeteria, six weeks after the presentation of the test results in Professor Dvir’s office.

“What’s happening?” asked Oved and stopped eating. Since ……

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