Towa Mbenji

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Penelope and David have been best friends since they could remember. They know alot about each other and they have alot of memories.

When David is in a car accident that leaves his memories a mess, the only person who is able to help is Penelope.

With their friendship put to the test and people trying desperately to split the two, the real question remains.

Are they best friends or not?

"What did I say after?" He asked. His blue eyes staring at me like he could see through my soul. I averted my gaze, choosing to look at the ocean before us than at him. The gorgeous boy seated in front of me.

"That you'll always love me, no matter what." I told him. I heard him laugh lowly, like it wasn't meant for me to hear. I turned my head to face him, curiosity getting the best of me.

"And you say we're just best friends." He smiled. That smile that I've seen for as long as I could remember. Even as far as when he'd lost his two front teeth. 

That smile that seemed normal then but now, it made my heart race. I knew why it was happening. Why I was feeling this way. But I hoped that he'd remember before it came to that. Before we had to do what we'd sworn not the do. And even as I stared at those eyes of his that made my heart melt, I knew I wanted to break that promise. I was ready.

And no one was going to stop me.

No one.


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