The Smartass Undead

rosemary newton

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*Daily Update* Is it the end? Lord, am I going to paradise? Frank Mason thought with hope. Yet, he knew there was no paradise. Zombies, wicked human beings, and crazy evolved animals and plants, the Earth was already a living hell. After surviving for 18 years, he died, not because of the undead, but a scheme.
When he opens his eyes again and realizes that he should return to 18 years ago, he knows he will seize the opportunity to save people he cares and let the bad pay for what they had done. However, no matter how eager he wants to take revenge, here is one thing, one faith that he should always bear on the mind. Survive! At any cost!


Tags: AdventureHorrorParanormalSci-FiThrillerTime-travelZombiePost-apocalypseSecond ChanceDoomsdayPowerful
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After Frank's explanation, Zach and Kevin finally understood Frank's intentions. Only Zach was still indignant and he said, "Oh crap! I really don't want Jude and his gang to know this secret...How about we ask for more, like ten assault rifles?"


Frank shook his head and said, "We hit their limit by asking for 50 cold weap……

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