The Smartass Undead

Rosemary Newton

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*Daily Update* Late night on August 30, 2019, a dreadful “virus” spreads all over the world at the same time. Most human beings and animals are reduced to the bloody flesh-hungry ghoul, enlarging the great army of the undead. No countries and regions have been spared. Is it the end of the world? Is it time to say goodbye to civilization? Luckily, people can evolve themselves. However, this evolvement isn’t a privilege for human beings. The world is still a living Hell for everyone. When the doomsday comes, the most hideous enemy is not the undead, but humankind themselves. Frank Mason, an ordinary employee, had successfully survived for 18 years. Yet, he died, not because of the undead, but a scheme. When he opens his eyes again and finds out he should return to August 30, 2019, he is overwhelmed with excitement. It’s time to let them pay for what they had done. Life is never easy, especially in doomsday. Will he stand a chance to survive and rebuild his home with people he cares? Will he finally take his revenge? However, no matter how eager he wants to take revenge, here is one thing, one faith that he should always bear on the mind. Survive! At any cost!


Tags: AdventureHorrorParanormalSci-FiThrillerTime-travelZombiePost-apocalypseSecond ChanceDoomsdayPowerful
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Frank was excited to find such a Mercedes-Benz heavy-duty truck. The Mercedes-Benz truck had very good performance. And according to the advertisement he read before, the interior of the car was also luxurious and comfortable.

So, Frank asked them, "Does anybody have a driver's license for this truck?"


Everyone looked at ……

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