The Sins of the Father

Ahh’na Jolie Copley

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The Achilles heel of all mankind. That which seals the eyes of sight and paralyzes those who are already maimed. That which veils the bones of men who wields the holy scriptures like venom coated swords.

It is here, in the tiny confessional booth where Father Morgan struggles to shield his iniquity from invisible eyes. Here he listens to the honey sounds of other's secret sins. The images he conjures up from their confessions, makes it hard to suppress his immoral desire for the flesh.

He has a few secrets of his own that will more than just tickle the ear.

By day a staunch priest.

By night, a sinner, whose only weakness is made in the image of Eve.

So occupied in keeping whats done in the dark undisclosed, he forgets one thing, all secrets eventually come to light.


Tags: ActionRevengeStalkerDarkSexBWWMManipulativePoliceDramaTwistedDreameSeed2019DarkDreame2019
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