Living After Dying

gauri mone

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What happens to us when we die?
This is a question which bugs everyone at some point in time
She was bugged too. But then she did die.
This is a story about a girl who found love after she died.
This is a story about a girl who lived after she dies.

This story is obviously a fiction and made purely from my imagination. So, I present to you the theory that I strongly believe in.. the story of Living After Dying


Tags: DemonFantasyHumorRomanceJealousy
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Chapter 3

"Sam!" I heard a voice that I heard seven years ago for the last time.

It was my grandma's voice. I searched for her but could not find her. Right then I saw a beautiful young girl making her way towards me. she looked around twenty years old. At first, I thought someone was behind me as she was smiling brightly……

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