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When the wizards kidnap a little girl to make her their ultimate wapon they cross the line of nature.

August has one goal, survive and breake free. When he is forced to fight his life changes forever, and his goal changes. With his pack on the move to save him he has to think fast. He is forced to use his gift, and he loses everything. How does he get it back? Does she want to come back to him?


Tags: FantasyKidnappingMonsterRomanceWerewolf
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Chapter one

There is a world oblivious to the eyes of humans. It's a world full of magic, those creatures are for men only known in myths. Once we were feared, casted out and murdered. But now we are erased from there minds. It's a dangerous world since the wizards took over. Wizards are powerful beings who have the gift of nature what makes them the most d……

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