He Who Wields the Power to Protect His Mate

Wolfie Wolf

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His name's formally known as Liam. The Moon Goddess herself bestowed him the greatest gift that any other werewolf could ever hoped for. However, his mate Natalia knows nothing about the great powers he wields and what lies in store for them.. He's known to be a player to women human or non-human. His mate doesn't even know what kind of powers he can do to those who harms or anything with sexual contact with his mate. Therefore... Liam can make those bastards feel such an unimaginable pain if anything like so with such wrong contact to his mate Natalia.


Tags: TeenfictionWerewolfAlphaBad-boyPossessive
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*Author's quick note: I'd appreciate you taking you're time to read this story. I hope you'll go along this journey with me to discover the meanings and the findings of this story!*

Liam POV

I was in my office finishing the treaty renewals with our formal ally the Winterfold Pack. I signed my signature known ……

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