The Sleep World

G C Fer

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Gabriel Crimson Fallasleep, our protagonist, is from a family of pure-blood magicians. He was blessed, loved, and cared for… but he wasn’t spoiled. He was taught to become independent and creative. He valued family, friendship, and protecting the weak over himself. However, a few weeks after he graduated, his parents were murdered in front of him. The murderers were two high-profile S-Class magician criminals. The incident made him depressed to the point of isolating himself from the world… forgetting his dreams and aspirations. Nobody was able to convince him to let go… ... ... except for one…
A mysterious letter of acceptance from a prestigious and powerful guild looking for trustworthy individuals was delivered in his doorstep that day. The letter came from the goddess of destiny and of beginnings, Orchid, who was also the guild master of Alphabeta’s Dream Entrance. Strangely enough though... he never sent a letter of application. It could’ve been a mistake, but nevertheless he ventured outside the next day to take the letter back and somehow get some clarifications...
This letter was only the beginning...


Tags: ActionAdventureFantasyMysteryRomance
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[Fathor Island] [12:01a.m.]

“Bottoms up?” Cielon raises his vial up and waits for G to pop up his.

“Cheers…” G clinks his vial to Cielon’s.

As soon as they finish drinking, the two of them stare at each other.

“No one’s died yet, right?” Cielon asks.

“This is still my first…”

“Alright then, we need to hurry up……

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