Fighting To Remember


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Behind the brick of indifference, Eva Wild takes her demons as they are - a form of a pill to cope with her pain from her past, and the pain in the present storm. An anaesthetic from the fear of intimacy with anyone other than her family.

Pain is feared, but respected by Eva. Every hit, every punch laid is a jolt back that reminds her that she can still feel, even if it's restricted by her own hands to only physical.

Jace Williams has seen her from afar, heard stories but never looked twice - just like with everyone else. Being a laid back, thrill-seeking lad in a privileged home, he tends to be unbeknownst to acknowledging the consequences of an action.

Eva Wild and Jace Williams stumbled into a hurricane of bitterness, grief and pain. Holding onto what is left can be so hard when there are mistakes made but that is what makes it a journey - and fighting their way through it all to remember what really matters will be their only saviour.

Can they make it without losing themselves or each other?


Tags: ActionAdventureChicklitDarkJealousy
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