The Broken Luna

Luna Skies

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Luna has been a rouge her whole life, in fact her mother was a rouge and named her after the moon, she lost her brother Jin at age 5 and her mother died ant age 6. After that her father abused her and blamed her for her mothers death, before she died Lunas mother gave birth to her two youngest siblings Night and Grace she also has two siblings who are a year older than Night and Grace named Jackson and Galaxy. When she runs away at age 18 with her younger siblings she runs into a pack that she finds her mate, Suga, in. Will he accept her when he finds out she is broken? Will her brother Jin who is in Suga's pack try to make things right? Read 'The Broken Luna' to find out!
(This is a BTS Suga fanfic)


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The Runaways (Chapter 1)

Luna continued to clean as her Father yells at her, she continues to clean and after she finished she just stands there when she saw her younger siblings she quietly walks in between them and her father, who was trying to beat them.
"Jackson, Galaxy... get Night and Grace to their room, I will meet you in a moment.." Luna whispered to ……

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