The Five Princes


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[Warning: Sexual Content]

"Oh, Zeph!" I moaned, my breathing being more difficult to manage than necessary.

"Yes?" he winked deviously.

"It good..." It came out like a vicious growl and for a moment, I wondering if it was really me saying those words.

He didn't say anything. Instead, he latched his mouth around my core, his long tongue darting inside me. I screamed in bliss, it staying within me for the longest, exploring every centimeter. "OH!" I shouted, fingers digging in his hair. He licked, every fluctuation making me bite down hard on me lip to quell a scream. He pulled me close, throwing my legs over his shoulders as he dug his tongue deeper, faster, harder inside me. I could hardly control myself, shrieking when his teeth tugged on my bud. I gestured for him to fill me up more. To completely take control of me—if that was possible.

Then he stopped. Why did he stop?
Princess Serene is the heiress to the Dominic Kingdom who must choose her husband based on a sexual compatibility competition used for generations with five distinct princes. However, each has their own agenda for wanting to be king and will have to persuade Serene intimately and any cost.


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~Five Years Later~

"And that is all of the official documents signed," I sighed in satisfaction.

For over a year, I'd been gathering all the royals of the six kingdoms and requesting that the Coming Of Age Ceremony be canceled once and for all. To replace it, we just agreed that our children who w……

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