Playing as a Demon


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"The one thing she feared the most, came true."

Once again trapped in a pitch black school, with a blood thirsty killer roaming around. The young girl cursed with the power she never liked, now carries the burden of saving everyone. She will have to use the abilities given to her that she swore she would never use. But what if the people she's trying to save, is the main reason why she disliked her powers in the first place? What if the people she's supposed to keep alive, were actually the ones making her life miserable with the constant bullying? 


The second book of the series "Playing Demons"


Tags: RevengeStudent
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3rd Book

It'sbeen 90 years since the famous massacre in Younha High school happened. Morepeople had grown to forget about it, and already slipped out from their mindwith each year passing. 

Theyeven forgot who the person behind that massacre was and continued to live theirown lives.

Iheard that the story b……

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