Slave To Him


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Vampires covered most of the world, the land, seas, mountains and some humans are in control of Demetri, the ruler of vampires. No human is allowed to step in their land and if they do its up to Demetri, whether he want to kill them or not.

So what happen when a group of girls mistakenly walked over his land. Evelyn Richardson a shy sweet girl gets in the hands of Demetri, wha will her to do her.

Will he treat her like his last victims?


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Chapter 30

Chapter 30 — Evelyn’s POV

A cold wind opened my eyes. I got up from wherever I was laying on and I walked up towards the mirror nearby. I was wearing a long red dress, full sleeves but back less. My hair was straightened down and it reached up to my waist. My skin was pale, porcelain pale with a hint of blush.

I turned around……

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