Her (menage)

Nyasia C

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Cody- the youngest, he has nothing stable in his life. Always moving, running, hoping. 

 Auden- He's not worthy, he was kicked out and disowned by his family, his pack. Now he lies and steals.

 Roger- Day blends into day, nothing really changes. Except her need for him and his need for blood.

 Gannon- the oldest, He craves them more than anything, but all he can do is wait and dream of them.

She will change them and they will change her. But will the change mean anything? Will they be able to stay together, even when their past comes to torment them? Will dream become reality?


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The Next Morning

Roger's pov:

Not sleeping was never a problem for me. Not until this night when Gannon made me face my darkest desires. Even now, hours later with all my Infinites laying peacefully together asleep, my body still feels what he did to me. His words, the moments of silence, the smell of leather mixed with his apple scent. A shiver……

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