There's No Going Home (Complete)

R.K. Knightly

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"You are so tight, baby," he breathed between licks. "You taste so good, I could eat you for every meal."
I ground harder and faster, feeling like I was fucking his face as my juices start to gush. I felt a wave of heat ripple over my body and knew I was so close to coming. Ethan must know it too because he started to stroke my inner walls faster as he thrust his fingers inside of me. A flash of heat rolled over me like a hot flash and Ethan moaned. I felt like the top of my head would leave my body soon. I cried out loudly as I sought my release.

"Come for me baby. I want to taste all of you." He commanded between licks.

I whimpered as he once again latched onto my clit and sucked it hard between his teeth. My vision blurred as I call out out unintelligibly.

Callie left in order to forget. Coming back home 4 years later, she faces a new challenge- or challenges. One is her best friend and neighbor. The other? His identical twin brother. As challenging as trying to figure out what she wants is, a predator and an old flame are thrown into the mix as well. Things are different from when she left and she's not sure she can handle everything being thrown at her now that she's back. Can Callie come to terms with the fact that sometimes there's just no going home?


Tags: ForbiddenLove-triangleSexPolyamoryForcedFriends to LoversPregnantKinkyGoodgirlBxG
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30. There's No Going Home

Callie's POV

I tried my best to maintain my old lifestyle when I came back home from Italy. Of course, with some obvious differences.

I was to work, have fun, socialize and forget about the past while doing so.

So why am I sitting here in the park wondering about my future?

I didn't know what to do.

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