Runs in a family

Nyasia C

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Colten has been hiding his desire for his sister and his mother ever since he learned the meaning of the word lust. Yet all that come to a head on the night his sister asked for help getting peanut butter. After that, the Family became much more loving. 


Tags: ForbiddenSexSpankingAge GapDominantSubmissiveKinkyNerdGoodgirlTwisted
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Chapter 62

Lilly’s Pov:

I tried to focus. I really did. I even managed to get half a chapter finished. That is until I got too horny to focus on the writing. So I grabbed my phone, popped in my headphones and went on a porn site. I found a good video, snaked a hand down to remove my panties. I checked to make sure no one was coming ……

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