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Bosy Elselhdar

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He's not A Dom... He's the master of every slave. Selling them part of his job and his slavery show.

But training them is his mission and one of his duties.
 The problem was... The master can't fall for his slaves. He keeps his distance. He's like a teacher giving them the worst ever.

But Not this time... She wasn't different but... She was blind! she was raped! She was tortured! She was After him but he didn't know.

I gestured to my men "Unzip your pants now all of you. Everyone one you, stand closer to every girl." I instructed them.

For every girl, there's one of my men standing in front of her. My men got used to this. They are trained to do that unemotionally like me.

"Girls, start licking the dicks in front of you now slowly," I commanded them. And they started working. Some of them are inexperienced and the others are good actually. The one thing I had learned from my old mistakes, that I do not accept virgin girls. They must be non-virgin to participate and got accepted.

I walked closer to every girl and pushed every girl head to swallow all the dick into her mouth "All of the dick now. To your throat." I said bitterly.


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His Ugly mate

When I was Ten, he burned my house and turned me into the ugliest she-wolf in the kingdom.
After Ten years, he picked me to be his mate, but he humiliated me every day and night because of how I look!

After one more year, once his father handed him the crown, he kicked me boldly out of his house and brok……

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