Winning Back Mrs. Saunders

Violet Romanov

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Ure (Yuri) was neglected since childhood. Her father and only brother hated her for the deaths of her mother and twin sister. She practically spent every holiday alone. Now that she is married, nothing really changed. Her husband Eric is just like her family. He never treated her as a wife. Through it all, Ure still loved her family and her husband unconditionally. She waited and waited that someday they will love her back but to no avail. Will Ure give up and walk away? If so, is Eric going to realize Ure's worth?


Tags: billionairecontract marriagefamilyescape while being pregnantforcedsecond chancepregnantarrogantCEOboss
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Chapter 20

Eric's POV

Time indeed flies. It was like yesterday when I cared about nothing but myself and the business and now I am looking at my three little angels. A changed man. Yes, I am confident to say that I have changed. It took me a long time to realize my wife's worth but the most important thing is I did it. I now have two handsome boys an……

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