Axel's Revenge (1# Revenge Series)

Catherine Edward

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She doesn't know yet, but he's coming after her.

Ruthless, arrogant, and a cold-hearted monster he is called by many, but in reality Axel Joaquin Finlayson is a broken-hearted soul. Falling in love for the wrong girl has left him broken and destroyed, everything he ever cared for gone in a flash. He believes there is nothing in this world that can mend his heart and has lost all belief in love and marriage. Will he ever find love again? What happens when he cross paths with his ex-lover?


Tags: BillionaireRevengeLove-triangleSexPregnantManipulativeBadgirlMeangirlDramaBxG
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“What the fuck are you staring at?"

Alicia almost jumped out of her skin hearing the voice that haunted her dreams. "I-I," she stuttered.

"You ain't got all day. You have ten minutes to complete the task and get your ass out of there," Erika, a fellow inmate warned in her high-pitched yet threatening voice.


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