Romance Sucks! (boyxboy)

Monsieur Swerve

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Tempest Moonbeam's life sucks! He isn't handsome or hot like his brother he's small and innocent like a little baby. He's a virgin; his parents abandoned him and his big brother for the Shadow family. But when the head vampire says the three magic words "I love you", thinking he was messing with him he refused. Tempest's older brother Cross Moonbeam hates the head vampire Kane. He absolutely loves his younger brother and would do anything for him but when he sees Kane eye raping his younger brother well let's just say all hell breaks loose. Kane Shadow the head vampire good looking, young, rich and perfectly smart. All the girls want to have him and all the boys want to be him. He thinks everyone loves him and would do anything for him. Expect for two people Tempest and Cross. Oh and High School is a living hell!

All Right Reserved. Do not copy MY story because I will find you. :)
(OMG there are so many mistakes in this story; leave me alone I wrote this when I was 13!)


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It's Over

Tempest P.O.V.

So by the time we got to where our parents were supposed to be at they were gone or drifted away or whatever. So now we're going home finally!

Forget Cali and all its yummy looking boys. I like my cold, emotionless home back in Pennsylvania.

"So this is it we're finally going home huh," sighed Cross.

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