It Started With Her Boobs (GXG)


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Yashashree Vargantes is in her early 30's and tired of being alone, a narcissist and stubborn sole heir of Vargantes family. She has it all money, fame, lots, expensive cars and amazing techniques in bed. But something is missing. Aleena the breadwinner of her family, a stubborn, bossy, crybaby, smart and a cup woman. She was so busy overworking herself that she is NGSB ( no girlfriend since birth). What will happen when this two meet each other?


Tags: BillionaireRomanceUrbanJealousyPossessive
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Aleena's POV

I keep pacing around this house of mine as I wipe off the dust that accumulated on the surface of my furniture. But the dust keeps on coming back and with every wipe, the angrier I get. I furiously throw the duster on the floor but instead of hitting the floor it hit my toes. I gritted my teeth as I shout internally, e……

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