Run Away From The Devil


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Charlotte does not know if she did something wrong, and God punished her for that. All she wanted was to study hard and fall in love with someone she liked. However, she was destined to dwell with Shawn Victor. She tried, but she could not escape it. There was no way out.

Shawn Victor, the child of capital city, with a wave of his hand, he could have any woman of any kind. Unexpectedly, he had a crush on his friend’s girlfriend. He would rather have her even if he had to turn against his friend. Using whatever means necessary, including forcibly occupying and threatening, he only kept her increasingly distant with him.

At first, he was attracted by Charlotte's purity and innocence. But later, he found that he could not get her out of his mind. Nevertheless, she hated him and wanted to leave him.

A drama of extortion is about to open up, so where will their wheel of destiny go?


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Chapter 98 – Birds of a Feather


As Shawn lies next to her, he reaches out to wrap an arm around her waist. His head rests on her shoulder, while she lies there as stiff as a board.


“Shawn, what-” Charlotte starts to protest.


“During that time, I actually didn't know what I would do. My mind was blank, and all I was concern……

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