I Will Be Beautiful

Erica Todd

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Jacquelyn, or Jackie, is a werewolf. An overweight werewolf. The only people that really care about her are her brother and her friend. But, on her first day back to school she finds her mate, the future Alpha of the Baneswolf pack. But, he makes it more than obvious that he doesn't want her. So, Jackie does the only thing she can think of; she runs away.
Four years away from her hometown; Jackie's back and more beautiful than ever., but has her mate changed as much as she has?
I guess you'll just have to read the story to find out.


Tags: forcedarrogantgoodgirldramatwistedsweetbxg
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A Fairy tale Ending

And it’s a happily ever after, well for me at least, not so much for Haden and Brittany. It’s more like a happily never after. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Well, if you were wondering, Haden was banished, as in forever banished. It ’s a mark on his heart that will alert Blake or any future alpha of the land that a banished is there. Yeah……

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