The Prince Comes To Me

Leman Romance

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This is a story about love, faith, and possessiveness.
“Earl Water” is the best source of water in Europe. For hundreds of years, this spring has brought huge wealth and the great honor to Earl family. Danny Earl is the heir of his family, and Nana Chen is an overseas student who lives in a dilapidated housing and worried about raising her tuition fees.
The destiny created a romantic encounter for them, so he was just enjoying her pure and spare love, and she enjoyed his care and wealth. Everything seems perfect but one thing, can this romantic legend stand the test of time?
They are intrigue against each other to win the game of love. However, the destiny has been decided long before...


Tags: BillionaireRomanceUrbanBad-boyPossessive
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Chapter Twelve Discovery

On the train back to Lyons, I told Earl a little about my tale. I came from a city of northern China. In winter, the temperature in my hometown was often down to minus twenties. Centigrade. Some would complain about the coldness of winter in Lyons but for me, it was not a big deal at all, I was used to this. I chose trade as my major at the comm……

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