He's Her Billionaire


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He's Her Billionaire

Loretta is a happy, enthusiastic and confident 20-year-old girl she had just finished university and was ready to start living her life. She helps run the family business a very popular hotel in the centre of London.

everything seemed perfect until one day her Families business, The Nevada hotel blows up in flames and disaster strikes on her once happy life.

when all hope is gone a miracle dressed in all Armani comes and gives her the chance of a lifetime.

He was the billionaire with a lot of up power and Loretta was a normal girl with no power at all.

Fate was about to mix these two people together and create a lot of love, excitement and intense feelings.


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Girl In Love

When George came to pick me up after our little Well, more like huge argument he wasn't too happy

It was awkward because while I was getting into the car George was practically sending daggers through Nate's apartment

It didn't take a genius to know that Nate was looking at us through his apartment window.

I hate when this happ……

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